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The Green Stone of Healing® Series Web Site

This Web site is the collaborative result of many people’s talents and creativity.

About the Art

Ideas for character portraits and the map of Azgard began in rough sketches from Jana Simons. Chris Miller, who also produced the artwork for the hardback Book One cover, put flesh and form to Jana’s noodlings and added her own distinct flair to rendering each personality. Chris’s personal artistic expression involves weaving with metal to create sculptural forms. She also demonstrates her devotion to the arts through teaching in the field of art education. Chris may be contacted here.

About the Music

The original compositions and sound effects for this Web site come from the author’s brother, Jim Talmadge. Jim has been drawing and painting, composing and playing several instruments since he was in his teens. His dynamic, vibrant street scenes in multiple media and vivid hues are internationally acclaimed. Jim may be contacted here.

About the Design

Designing Web sites is John Blausey’s passion. He listened to the author and then devised a marvelous context for the copy, art, and sounds that provide background for the series. John’s motto is “professional Web design with personal interaction” and he means it. More information about John is available at www.wantabetterwebsite.com.

This Web site is hosted by Web in Motion.