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More in Store for Green Stone of Healing® Epic Heroines

Packed with romance, action, and intrigue, the Green Stone of Healing® saga recounts the stories of four generations of determined and spirited women, and how their lives were intimately tied to the ultimate annihilation of a once invincible island nation called Azgard.

Books Five and Beyond

Armed with new and amazing abilities to manipulate energy, Helen Andros returns to live among those who would slay her and those who will betray her.

Her adventures take her back to the region where she was born, in the middle of a war for world supremacy.

Helen's tale yields to the women who follow her, each striving in her own way to leave Azgard a better place than they found it. Aligned against them are the sinister forces of the original vision of Helen's mother, purveyors of hatred and fear. They seek total control of Azgard and end up bringing about worldwide cataclysm...