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Past Lives Come Alive in Green Stone of Healing® Series

Less than three months after she began writing her fantasy series, author C.L. Talmadge knew without equivocation that she was chronicling a life she had lived before—and that some of her main characters would return to earth to pursue unfinished business.

C. L. Talmadge

“I woke up one morning in October of 1998 with the horrendous memory of a trauma suffered by Helen Andros,” she says. “I was devastated and deeply depressed without any immediate cause or corresponding event from earlier in my life. My emotions were so profound and painful that I realized this went way beyond trying to imagine how a character in a book might feel or behave. I was literally in Helen Andros’ tragic shoes because I was—and still am—Helen Andros.”

Since she was a child, the author has always been open to the possibility of past lives. In 1986, her attitude transformed to deep conviction as a result of profound emotional and spiritual healing experiences that involved other lives she has lived. This life-altering healing was possible through an alternative method that helps bring about emotional and spiritual resolution within the energy field of human consciousness. That same approach, called Sunan therapy, helped the author resolve Helen’s pain and shame.

C.L. says reincarnation is a fairly frequent theme of genre novels. In most fictional treatments of past lives, characters learn that a previous existence has an unsavory influence over them and their relationships in the present, and much of the book’s action involves their search for resolution.

Although the initial books include that approach, Green Stone of Healing® offers a unique twist. As the series progresses through four generations, dead characters return as different people still struggling to resolve their issues. Souls mates and dear friends, heroes and villains meet again, but the outcome is by no means happy, even if the feelings between them do not change. How do they know each other? By intuitively detecting soul energy, or kura, which does not alter from physical lifetime to lifetime.

“Like the existence of God, it’s impossible to ‘prove’ reincarnation to the conscious mind,” C.L. points out. “The only clue to the validity of a past life is how your re-experience of it resonates with you emotionally and spiritually.”

The tragic life and flawed character of Helen Andros resonate at a very deep level for the author.

Equally compelling is the powerful impact that the process of writing the Green Stone of Healing® series has had on the author’s partner, Jana L. Simons (Judith Altair), and their mutual friend, Susanne M. Doucet (Miriam Andros).

“No one wants to be forgotten,” the author says. “It’s the basis for fascination with genealogy and the rising interest in preserving family memories in scrapbooks that have developed over the past two decades. The effort to make a difference (and thus not be forgotten) drives many lives. It certainly drove Helen’s life and it’s what drives my life today, although in a far different, happier direction.”

These days C.L. aims to make a difference by stirring readers’ soul memories with the story of the Green Stone of Healing®. “This series is really one long look at the true meaning of free will and personal responsibility,” the author says. “Outside of the language of traditional religion, I am exploring our connection to God, to each other, and to ourselves. Like Book 1’s heroine, most of us feel a sense of alienation from God, from others, and most important, from ourselves.

“The question then becomes, what causes this separation? Western religions traditionally ascribe the cause to ‘sinful’ human nature. My series argues for a different explanation—one that is tied to healing at the deepest levels of self —just as it posits a different definition for evil.”