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Green Stone of Healing® Brings Greater Understanding

The first time C.L. Talmadge met her, back in 1986, Jana L. Simons sharply reminded the author of Judith Altair, a major character in the Green Stone of Healing® series.

Jana Simons

“Jana was (and is) similar to Judith in so many ways,” C.L. says. “Like Judith, Jana has the utterly amazing, and often downright disconcerting, ability to read people’s minds and tap into their emotions. I’ve never met anyone with that level of intuitive talent or as much wisdom as Jana/Judith displays. Jana is the counselor’s counselor, the therapist’s therapist.”

As C.L. plunged into writing the series in late summer of 1998, and as Jana started reading first-draft chapters, awareness slowly dawned on Jana that she could identify very strongly with Judith’s character. Jana discussed this possibility with C.L., who was beginning to suspect her own past life as Helen Andros, the first-generation heroine of The Vision.

One afternoon that fall, Jana casually mentioned two characters and confirmed Candace’s suspicion about her partner’s past-life identity. “Jana was discussing Lord Nimrod Atlas and Lord Justin Atlas,” C.L. recalls. “She remarked that when Lord Justin was in his teens, he and his elder half-brother used to do a lot of wrestling. I nearly fell off my chair. I had never mentioned this to anyone, but one of the earliest and clearest snippets of information I could gain about these two characters is an image of them wrestling each other. It was dumbfounding that she knew it, too.”

That October, C.L. experienced the crisis of consciously recalling a devastating trauma that Helen survived. C.L. needed Jana’s help with Sunan therapy to begin sorting through and resolving Helen’s issues that were now causing Candace genuine difficulty. “I was an emotional train wreck,” C.L. recalls.

Building Bridges

During one of these healing sessions, the energy of Judith stepped forward to conduct the proceeding, which turned out to be very different from what typically takes place in this alternative therapy. That difference affirmed Jana’s past life as Judith for both women.

“Reclaiming my life as Judith has helped affirm for me that I am wise, even if I don’t always act on my wisdom for my own benefit,” Jana says. “Judith always felt that if she could understand the real, driving differences between the Turanians and the Toltecs, perhaps she could bring them together—be the bridge or mediator. Judith’s dream was not all that different from Miriam’s vision.

“Judith was known for saying that her life’s mission was to bring worlds together,” Jana continues. “She tried hard to do this on many levels.”

Awareness of her life as Judith also explains to Jana her rapport with C.L. the instant the two met, as well as her protective feelings toward the author. “Judith did her best to help and protect Helen—as much as Helen would allow her, which was not that much,” Jana says.

“Jana in this life has the chance to give me that kind of love and practical support that Helen would not accept from Judith,” C.L. notes. “Writing this series has been a healing and growth experience for both of us.”

The process of unfolding the story of this long-forgotten land and its peoples has also reaffirmed Jana’s belief in reincarnation. “We have more than one shot at the kind of understanding that drove Judith and drives every other soul, in its own way. We get many chances to return and to understand ourselves, to understand each other, and to understand our relationship with God. That need to understand is the essence of who we are as created souls.”