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Past Life Brings Spiritual Healing

Reclaiming her soul memory as Miriam also meant Susanne required immediate emotional and spiritual healing. She needed to begin resolving the complex emotional issues that clouded Miriam’s tragic life of love, exile, and loss. With Jana’s help, Susanne undertook a session of Sunan therapy that very night, sorting through the excruciatingly painful parting of Miriam from her daughter.

The next morning, while Susanne and Jana slept after an extraordinary night of self-discovery and healing, C.L. got out of bed, highly emotional and muddle-headed. She could not account for why she felt so agitated and unable to think clearly. Then Susanne arose and explained about the healing session that involved Miriam/Susanne and Helen/C.L. with Judith/Jana as the therapist.

“The Helen energy within me was overjoyed,” the author recalls. “One of Helen’s deepest desires was to find her long-lost mother once again. To have Susanne recognize and acknowledge what Jana and I already deduced brought about a joyful reunion of mother and child, delayed for so many lifetimes.”

Mother and child from so many lifetimes earlier embraced and wept, talking a long time about Susanne’s healing experiences of the prior night and the relationship between Miriam and Helen.

Their relationship had also altered, literally overnight. “I had always been terrified of Candace’s anger,” Susanne says. “I thought of her like an angry T-Rex and just tossed it off as personality differences between her and me. But I realize now that anytime you have a strong reaction to a person, positive or negative, that’s an indicator of a past-life association.”

Susanne also now understood why C.L.’s underlying and unexpressed anger had so disturbed her. And she was no longer afraid of C.L.’s considerably altered feelings.

“Was I Miriam?” Susanne replied, hesitantly. With that spoken acknowledgement came a rush of greater self-awareness. “When I first recognized myself as Miriam, it was as though I consciously stepped into a past life,” Susanne says. “I literally popped back into that life as Miriam. That’s how I knew it was true for me.”

Over the next few years, Susanne would return to visit C.L. and Jana, on occasion undertaking additional healing sessions to resolve more of the issues of Miriam’s life. As she did so, Susanne’s relationship with herself and her family also transformed.

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