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Mother-Child Reunion Possible through Green Stone of Healing® Series

In July of 1998, Colorado resident Susanne M. Doucet felt a growing need “to wear something green,” possibly in the form of a green gem on a necklace.

Susanne Doucet

Little did she know that C.L. Talmadge, a friend who lived in Texas, was beginning to write the Green Stone of Healing® series, and that she, Susanne, was centrally involved in this past-life retelling.

In one of my earliest sessions of past-life therapy, my guides called me ‘the hope-giver’ and gave me a necklace holding a green stone,” Susanne recalls.

The following March, Susanne paid a visit to C.L. and her partner, Jana L. Simons, another of Susanne’s close friends. Both already sensed that Susanne had been Miriam Andros, the mother of Helen Andros, the heroine of The Vision. The two were equally certain that Jana had been Judith Altair, Miriam’s closest friend.

C.L. and Jana said nothing about their surmise while encouraging Susanne to peruse an early version of the first two books in the series. Susanne realized that she knew the story even before she read it and did her best to ignore that strong, unsettling impression.

That night Susanne and Jana, as usual, stayed up until dawn, chatting, just like Miriam and Judith had done during their time as students. Intuitively detecting her dear friend’s unspoken turmoil over the material she had read, Jana asked, “Do you relate to anyone in the book?”

“Was I Miriam?” Susanne replied, hesitantly. With that spoken acknowledgement came a rush of greater self-awareness. “When I first recognized myself as Miriam, it was as though I consciously stepped into a past life,” Susanne says. “I literally popped back into that life as Miriam. That’s how I knew it was true for me.”

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