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Past Life Brings Spiritual Healing

Recalling and resolving my issues as Miriam has enhanced the emotions of my relationships as a wife and mother,” Susanne notes. As an example, she stopped feeling compelled to over-explain everything to her young daughter. She used to give her child far too many details, possibly as a way of compensating for not telling Helen enough.

Another compulsion that dissolved was Susanne’s lifelong need to work as a nurse and licensed professional counselor to facilitate communication between mothers and children who had been abandoned. “I always wondered why it was that I could relate so effectively to my clients, who would often tell me that I seemed to be able to walk in their shoes,” Susanne says. “My life as Miriam explained that ability to me—I had walked in their shoes.”

Susanne found multiple parallels between Miriam’s character and herself in this life. Just like Miriam, Susanne would leave without saying good-bye, never asked for help, didn’t trust other people, and was evasive to the point of being secretive. No one knew what she was thinking or feeling. “I made people work too hard to be my friend,” she says.

These days, Susanne finds that others relate to her much more easily. “I’m not so stand-offish or walled as I used to be.”

Susanne also emphasizes that, with her background in nursing and training as a traditional counselor, she initially approached the concepts of past lives, energy, and guides with a great deal of skepticism. “I don’t come to this being super gullible or willing to be fed ideas. Yet always underneath was a core part of me that insisted on experiencing my own spirituality. And that led me eventually to my life as Miriam Andros.”