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Meet the Schemers of Azgard…

Meet the schemers of The Vision. And don’t use anything except a pencil to fill out a scorecard.

Prince Enoch Atlas

To call this prince of the Royal House of Atlas a snake in the grass would be an insult to serpents.

A direct descendent of Kronos’ presumed second son Atlas, he becomes Prince of Westar upon the mysterious accidental death of his elder brother (Lady Mary’s father). Prince Enoch is also the highest-ranking lord of the Kindred generally regarded as a member of the Exalted Lord’s faction. While Lord James treats Prince Enoch like a staunch ally, the Consort isn’t nearly so certain. She wouldn’t trust this prince as far as she could throw him.

Her suspicions are well founded. Unlike the openly power-hungry Prince of Istar, the Prince of Westar wraps his ambitions to rule supreme in the mantel of friendship and support. Unfortunately for Helen, Prince Enoch’s murderous designs will include her and her ability to bear half-breed children if married to his half-breed second son.

Ezekiel Malachi

In Azgard there is little distinction between religion and the state. As Helen Andros discovers to her peril, subjects and residents of Azgard can be charged, tried, convicted of, and punished for purely religious offenses as well as for crimes against the state.

Thus the position of the Supreme Lord of the Temple of Kronos, referred to commonly as the Holy One, wields extensive power. At the start of Book 1: The Vision, a native of Southern Alta Province named Ezekiel Malachi holds that high religious office.

Malachi is a true religious fanatic. He is determined to force both Toltecs and Turanians to adhere to his concept of proper religious practices and beliefs. Resenting and fearing the Duke of Alta’s toleration and support of the Turanians within Alta Province, Malachi invariably sides with Lord James’ political enemies. The Holy One also feuds covertly with Prince Enoch over his toleration of Turanians.

Malachi not surprisingly strongly adheres to the Temple’s edicts against half-breeds, for hidden personal reasons that go beyond religious belief. He is only too eager to make an end of Helen and of her half-breed second cousin, who is Prince Enoch’s second son. Malachi’s own arrogance, however, will bring about his demise.

Griffin Mordecai

Griffin Mordecai is the grandson of Lord James Mordecai’s mortal enemy, his Uncle Jasper Mordecai. Lord James’ refusal to acknowledge Griffin consigns him to an early life of poverty and obscurity; as a result, he harbors a murderous grudge against the Lord Protector.

As a young man first embarking on a profession in the law, Griffin seeks out the patronage of the Prince of Istar, the highest-ranking political enemy of the Lord Protector. Prince Seti finds Griffin an occasionally useful lackey and a symbolic insult to his detested rival.

At the outset of the Green Stone of Healing series, Griffin holds the powerful post of Lord Chancellor thanks to the undue influence of his princely patron during the incapacity of the Exalted Lord. Griffin aims to destroy Helen as an indirect shot at undermining the Lord Protector’s support among the noble houses of the Kinshazen, the Toltecs’ political assembly.

Prince Seti Poseidon

This prince of the Ruling House of Poseidon is defined by lust.

Born the Prince of Istar, Prince Seti lusts for absolute power, which drives him to find covert ways to murder his elder brother, Kefren Poseidon, to inherit the Kingship. He lusts for revenge against Lord James Mordecai, the man whom Prince Seti chooses to believe stole Kefren’s respect and affections away from him. Prince Seti even lusts for his own daughter, whom he abuses when she is a child as eventual payback against Lord James and in so doing, falls in love in with her.

Prince Seti is a twisted, unprincipled opportunist with a certain amount of political savvy, even if he lacks true wisdom or the slightest inkling of compassion. When Lord James’ relationship to a half-breed bastard becomes public knowledge, Prince Seti wastes no time in using the information to destroy his political opponent.

Lucan Silenas

Second in command of the Temple of Kronos, the Holy Deputy is motivated not by the religious fervor (however twisted) of his superior, but by boundless personal ambition. Lucan makes it his job to do favors for those members of the Brotherhood of Kronos who are willing to play along with him, dig up dirt on those who are not, and always apply his influence in ways that advance his standing with the Holy One and thus his Temple career.

In Book 1: The Vision, however, Lucan begins to disagree openly with his superior over the question of what to do with half-breeds. While the Holy One wants to destroy any and all half-breeds, Lucan argues that the Temple should explore ways to harness and use the reputed powers and abilities of half-breeds to usurp the power of the Kingship and impose its will on all of Azgard.

Amoral and cunning, Lucan will not let anyone or anything like principle stop him from achieving his ends.