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An Impressive Beginning *****

The Toltecs dominated the island, narrow minded and set on power and domination their rule and their say so was law. They especially were against the Turanians, blue or green eyed people, their hatred ran deep for them, and there was a reason why although we are not fully aware of what it is in this first book of the series.

In the beginning of this read we meet Helen, a doctor in the service of the military, and one of great knowledge, but one that has little respect in the world she lives. Although few can deny her ability in healing; her independent rebellious nature causes anger in some and fear in others.

Helen Andros, daughter of Miriam Andros, a healer, is considered a half-breed, a beautiful woman with green eyes.. A woman who at the beginning of the read does not know who her father is, nor if her mother is alive or dead, after being sent away from her at a young age. The only thing she has is a necklace her mother gave her, one that has a green stone. This stone was given to her mother by Helen's father years ago, and has healing and protective powers, although Helen is not aware of that fact.

Despite the dislike of Helen, her abilities as a physician cannot be denied, and when the Prince falls ill, she is secretly ushered to his side. During this time she is arrested for entering the city without permission and her life begins to change due to one man, Lord Mordecai.

Lord Mordecai holds the title of Lord Protector and is respected among his people, but seeing the green stone that is now the property of Helen and her striking resemblance to her mother he knows she must surely be his daughter. Although he was never aware she existed. A confirmation is also given when a letter is read from Miriam naming him as the father.

A decision must be made by him; does he acknowledge that Helen is his daughter, for if he does it may well be the end of his career or even his life. Yet, he is a man of honor and the love that he still holds for Miriam spills over to his daughter and he saves her from certain death.

In this book you begin to taste the start of the supernatural; powers that some seem to have yet also seem to be hidden. You are given the knowledge that people of different civilizations that are at odds with one another will soon have their lives altered, although you are not sure how; but you realize that good is desperately trying to override the evil that is present.

I believe this first book is to introduce you to all the characters, their position in the series and their relationship one to another. The author includes a glossary of who's who at the end of the book, and also information of the different areas you will be reading about. This is a great help, because the story is complex and the characters and locations can be confusing, however they all are needed and flow together to begin a somewhat mystic tale.

Did you ever see a movie that has several parts and you have to wait until the next night to see what is going to happen? You sigh, because you say within yourself, " Oh it was just getting good!" that is how I felt when this work ended. The groundwork being laid, the author begins to uncover some secrets, but the answers await you in book two.

Those who love deep intricate stories, full of mystery and action, dripping with power struggles and battles for dominion, this work is for you. Just what is the secret behind the "Green Stone," that Helen wears proudly around her neck? What is the history of this stone; and how will this effect an entire civilization? The answers are in the future.