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The Green Stone of Healing®, Energy, and the Resonator

The Hill-folk of Southern Alta Province in Azgard, who adhere to the Toltecs’ ancient wisdom, revere it as a “healthstone.” They consider anyone wearing such a jewel to be kura’din, a master of healing energy.

A mixture of minerals with a distinct bluish cast to it, the green gem worn by Helen Andros contains no magical powers. Instead, it is a tool, to be used as a focal point to concentrate and direct the kind of energy with the ability to heal not just the body, but the mind, heart, and soul as well. The Toltec folk-name for this kind of energy is kura

Helen, rigorously trained in medical science, at first has little awareness of healing-energy or of the stone’s potentials. She also knows nothing about the significance of the necklace of High Terzil runes that holds the jewel.

Instead, Helen values the green stone because her mother gave it to her, telling her that she received it as a gift from Helen’s father. Helen constantly wears the gem on its unique chain because it seems to provide comfort and strength. Without the stone, Helen feels bereft.

As Helen’s story progresses through the initial books in the Green Stone of Healing® series, however, she is forced to rely more and more on the stone and chain if she is to continue her life’s work as a healer, which is put into jeopardy by the actions of the Temple of Kronos.

Taught by the Mist-Weaver Maguari, Helen experiences a new definition of energy—one that unites the scientific and the spiritual, making energy-healing comprehensible to the rational mind as well as a leap of faith. She also learns the meanings of the necklace’s runes and how each can be employed to make the stone a more precise and powerful healing instrument.

Helen ultimately experiences how healing energy can also be protective when, on the battlefield, she devises a Resonator to hold the enemies of Azgard at bay, fulfilling the Temple’s worst nightmare about the latent power of half-breeds, whom the Brotherhood of Kronos so fears and despises.

Helen’s direct descendents will use the green stone and chain to beat back pandemics and to try to avert the island’s ultimate destruction.